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Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Please note that the consultation on the Draft Plan is now closed.  Comments received are being carefully reviewed and a revised Draft Plan will be published for further community consultation – probably early in 2014.  For further details see Update – October 2013.  The website text published in summer 2013 has now been superseded but is shown below for the benefit of anyone who wishes to refer back.

Our Neighbourhood Plan has evolved considerably since our initial discussions back at the beginning of 2012.  A great deal of work, investigation and discussion has gone into the process and we can be proud of the resulting document which reflects the wishes of residents while conforming to wider planning regulations.  The Draft Freshford and Limpley Stoke Neighbourhood Plan is now published and can be downloaded from Dropbox by clicking on the image to the left. (It’s a large file and may take a while to download.)  Higher resolution versions of the maps from the Plan can be accessed using the links below, as can the various documents that comprise the Appendix.  (Again, some are large files.)  There are not many communities that would be capable of such a carefully thought-through Plan and we believe it will stand us in good stead in dealing with local and national government bodies and grant-giving organisations in future.  The parishes of Freshford and Limpley Stoke can only be stronger communities and more desirable places to live as a result.

Although there has been widespread engagement with the process of developing the Neighbourhood Plan it is at this stage still only a draft.  It is being published for a 6-week community consultation from 1st July 2013 to 11th August 2013.  Further comments are welcome and will be carefully considered by the Management Group, which of course comprises representatives of both Parish Councils, before being submitted to the Lead Councils – B&NES and Wiltshire – for Formal Validation.  After that, there is a period of Formal Consultation by the Lead Councils, followed by the external Examination.  Finally, we hope to bring the Neighbourhood Plan to the community for a Referendum before the end of this year (though the actual date does rather depend on matters outside our control). 

We welcome further comments. You can email your comment, or write to Ingrid Maher Roberts, 4 Cliffe Drive, Limpley Stoke BA2 7FY. You can also download a Comment Form, print it out and return it to the council.

Draft Neighbourhood Plan – Higher resolution maps

Draft Neighbourhood Plan Appendix – Supporting Documents

Working Group Summary Reports – November 2012

1 July 2013
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