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Quantitative analysis – resident feedback

Replies to the questionnaire ‘Making Progress’ have been pouring in and we have now received responses from just fewer than 300 households, reflecting the views of 600 residents. This represents a response of 57% of parishioners.  
The replies have all been analysed to show the numbers ‘for’, ‘against’ and ‘don’t knows’ for each of the questions in the questionnaire and the results are tabulated.

Please note that this is a large spreadsheet file.  If you have any trouble viewing it contact us and we will email you a copy.
Many respondents took the trouble – for which we are very grateful – to add further comments.  Most of these were transcribed into another spreadsheet.  There was no need to supply the name of the respondent, so all replies were given a unique number, for ease of reference.  These comments can be viewed here.

Some comments were more extensive.  Rather than transcribe them we have scanned the originals and show them here.

An overview of all of the responses was collated in one document, downloadable below.

The quantitative analysis and supporting comments are being carefully considered by the Working Groups and by the Management Group in considering the draft Neighbourhood Plan as it goes forward.

1 April 2013
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28 September 2020
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