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Climate & Nature Emergency


Freshford Parish Council has declared a Climate Emergency (summer 2019) and in November 2020 it unanimously declared an Ecological Emergency.

These declarations mean that all Parish Council decisions going forward will be viewed through the dual lenses of β€˜Is this good for the climate and ecology of Freshford and all its residents, both now and in the future?’.

Science and Government agree that  radical action over the next decade is critical in order to stop the decline of wildlife and  ecosystems and to reduce emissions that are driving climate change.

The Freshford Community Forum highlighted that the village believes it can respond positively to this situation, and that taking action will enhance our health and well-being and that of our natural world.

Community Forum

The Community Forum was held on 28 January 2021. Questionnaires were sent out in advance of the meeting and although the forum had to be held on-line there was fantastic engagement from the village and lots of ideas for action.

Home Energy

A Home Energy Community Group has been set up named FLHEG (Freshford & Limpley Stoke Home Energy Group).

Action Plan

Each discussion group at the Community Forum was asked to define the top 3 key initiatives that should be undertaken.

The following initiatives were raised by more than one discussion group:

  • Community Renewable Energy initiative
  • Reduction in Home Energy Usage
  • Planning Policy to better support the Climate Emergency and Nature Emergency
  • Communication, information and guidance
  • Friends of Freshford Tyning Proposal

The initial analysis of the discussion groups are described in the following document:

Parish Council Objectives

Climate Emergency Resolution

  • Freshford PC resolves to recognise the existence of a climate emergency.
  • The PC fully supports the B&NES declaration on the climate emergency.
  • The PC will work with the Freshford community and community organisations, B&NES and other parish councils to establish specific local initiatives that will contribute to and enhance all aspects of our locality including transport, the built environment, the natural environment, ecology and renewable energy.

Nature Emergency Resolution

  • Resisting the destruction of habitats through planning policy and development management
  • Identifying appropriate areas for habitat restoration
  • Collaborating with the community to improve ecological literacy and encourage greater biodiversity, tree-planting and management
  • Working with partners locally and regionally to drive coordinated leadership and collaborative action

Aims and Objectives

  • To become a community that is sustainable and carbon free – by 2030.
  • To work inclusively with other bodies and other parish councils.
  • To fully support B&NES and central Government meet climate and ecology deadlines.

Key Points 

  • The current situation is unprecedented
  • There is no previous experience to draw on
  • There are no templates to follow
  • We are ALL in this together

9 February 2021
Last Updated
23 May 2024