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Making Progress questionnaire

Many residents of Freshford and Limpley Stoke have contributed extensively to the discussions about our joint Neighbourhood Plan.  We’ve had Open Meetings, Working Groups and Surgeries held in both our villages.  We’ve had input from B&NES and from Wiltshire County Council and from outside consultants.  We’re making progress – though there’s a way to go yet!

The Neighbourhood Plan team has now put together a leaflet – ‘Making Progress’ – summarising the main proposals that have emerged so far as likely to go forward to our final Plan.  ‘Making Progress’  incorporates a questionnaire to help gauge residents’ feelings about these outline proposals and everyone in the community is warmly encouraged to let us know what they think.  

‘Making Progress’ will be delivered to every household in Freshford and Limpley Stoke between 20th and 22nd February and the replies will be collected, again from each household, between 4th and 6th March.  If for any reason you should not receive a copy, further copies will be available from the Galleries Shop.

We are keen to hear from as many people as possible – including younger people and others who have a stake, for example if they work in the neighbourhood.  So further copies of ‘Making Progress’ will be available so that everyone can have their say.

To support the distribution of ‘Making Progress’ we will again be holding the popular Neighbourhood Plan Surgeries on Saturday 23rd February, at The Hop Pole Inn, and Saturday 2nd March, at Freshford Village Memorial Hall.  You will be able to come along and speak to members of the Neighbourhood Plan team and ask any questions you may have about the leaflet/questionnaire and about the Neighbourhood Plan process. ‘Making Progress’ is emphatically not the Neighbourhood Plan but is an important part of the process.  When the Plan itself is submitted for review we will need to show the degree of support in the community for the proposals it contains, so your views count.  If you are broadly happy with the proposals it is important that you should say so.  Your comments do not commit you in any way but will help your Councils decide what should go forward in our final Neighbourhood Plan.

1 February 2013
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28 September 2020
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