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Street Lighting

Freshford Parish Council pays for the maintenance and electricity of 38 street lights in the village.

The parish street lights are programmed to switch on from dusk to midnight and then switch back on from 5.30am to dawn.

Eight of the street lights have been upgraded to LED lamps which use approximately 60% less energy than sodium lamps.

As part of its actions addressing Climate Emergency issues, the Parish Council has been working changing all street lights to LED.

The current increase in energy supply costs due to the energy crisis has added focus on the need to urgently reduce costs.

The project to change all Freshford street lights to LED is also considering light pollution and the need to reduce our carbon footprint, in line with our declaration of  climate and ecological emergency.

Solar powered light and motion sensors have been investigated and found to be too expensive for consideration

The street lights are assets owned by the Parish Council, and more detailed information can be found on the following link:

It should be noted that the Parish Council does not have ownership of, nor responsibility for, the following street lights:

  • 5 lights on the footpath near the Galleries, adjacent to the stream which are the responsibility of BANES
  • 10 lights on the footpath below the Glebe, which are the responsibility of CURO
25 October 2020
Last Updated
14 January 2023