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FLHEG hosts talks and events about reducing home carbon emissions and home energy consumption.

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Previous Talks and Events

1. Air Source Heat Pump Presentation – 20 June 2022

2. Open House Energy Trail – 25 September 2022

Three Freshford homeowners who have had insulation, renewables installations and ASHP installations invited local people to come and see their work and ask questions. This was very popular, with over 30 people attending to get practical ideas and swap experiences for their own houses. Another Open Homes event is being planned for 2023.

3. Solar Power – 30 November 2022

A talk on Solar Photovoltaics

A very interesting talk covering all you want to know about Solar PV systems which highlighted the shortage of installers as demand increases.

4. Retrofitting – 20 March 2023

A talk by CSE on Low Carbon Retrofitting.

A very knowledgeable speaker gave an informative talk on insulation, air tightness and ventilation and the need to consider all 3 when retrofitting your home. A lot of useful links to be found in the slide presentation.

18 July 2022
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10 April 2023