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Lead Councils validate and publicise Draft Plan

Following the submission of the Draft Freshford and Limpley Stoke Neighbourhood Plan to B&NES and Wiltshire Councils on 18th July 2014 progress slowed while the legal teams of the two Councils came to an understanding about how this unique, cross-border Plan was to be handled.  They finally agreed a Memorandum of Understanding in late September 2014.
The next stage was the signing of a letter jointly by both Councils confirming the validity of the proposed joint Neighbourhood Plan and its associated documents.  This was a terrific achievement for the many residents who have laboured hard and long over the Draft Plan – confirming that all “i’s” had been dotted and all “t’s” crossed.  The Council’s letter can be seen here.
Now the Councils are required to undertake their own consultation, publicising the Draft Plan and inviting comments.  This  lasts from 27th October 2014 to 5.00 pm on 10th December 2014.  Full details are given on the Councils’ websites and comments may be submitted to either or both Councils.
Links to the relevant pages on the Councils’ websites are given below:

Examination – Clarification Note

To aid the Examiner, the B&NES and Wiltshire Councils, together with the qualifying bodies (Freshford & Limpley Stoke Parish Councils) have prepared a brief clarification note . A further Clarification note was added in January 2015.

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