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Trees on PC Land

Trees Survey

The Parish Council engaged Bawden Tree Care to undertake a survey of all trees on PC owned land so as to gain a view on:

  • Work required to trees, particularly as a result of ash die-back
  • Building a maintenance plan for future budgeting

The results of the survey show that a significant amount of work is required now and over the coming months.

The immediate critical work includes the felling of 4 trees and removing critical deadwood from 3 other trees. These trees are located in areas where they could pose a danger to the public and therefore need to be dealt with as soon as possible.
The PC is highly mindful of the climate and nature emergency resolutions, and is working with the tree surgeons to ensure the minimum of intervention that is needed to ensure public safety.

Full details are available at: PC Trees Management.

The intention of the PC is to replace the lost trees with planting appropriate new trees.

Critical Work

The PC has been advised that the following work is critical and should be undertaken immediately:

  • The silver birch in the cemetery – clearance of deadwood 
  • The large oak tree – clearance of deadwood
  • The poplars by the open space at the top of the Tyning – 2 require felling
  • An ash and a hornbeam tree along the path alongside the grass area – need felling
  • The sycamore tree at the Sharpstone end of the path – clearance of deadwood

Full details are available at: PC Trees Management.

17 May 2022
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17 May 2022
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