Trees Management

Trees Survey

An full survey of the trees on Parish Council owned land has been undertaken to:

  • Understand what work is required on the trees, particularly due to Ash Die back
  • Build a trees maintenance plan for future budgetting

The trees survey was undertaken by Bawden Tree Care, who are Arb Association Approved.


The overall findings are that much more work than was expected was identified.

The focus was on trees that could have a potential impact on public safety.

Immediate focus is being given to work prioritised as:

  • Critical
  • Address within 1 month

This includes the following:

Tree IdTreeActionComments
T05Siler BirchRemove faulty and deadwoodFungi on deadwood in crown (Fomitopsis betulina). Faulted limb with decay. Cavity to stem.
Remove dead wood and faulted limb.
Areal inspection of cavity to stem to confirm extent and any further remedial work
T32Common OakRemove major deadwood
T39Lombardy PoplarFellTree is growing over old rotten stump resulting in large cavity to base of stem. Large limb has failed on east side of stem at 8 metres
T40Lombardy PoplarFellSigns of shear crack to base of stem. Metal ring round base of stem is restricting growth and starting to become occluded in places
T46Common HornbeamFellDead with snapped top in crown. Over path.
T48Common AshFellAsh Dieback. Large failed section resting butt in the air against stem, over path.
T49SycamoreRemove suspended or broken branches
Tree numbers relate to the Bowden Tree Report – See Appendix B for the Tree Id on a map.

The full detail can be viewed in the Tree Report below.

The report also includes recommendations to fell a further 7 ash trees and a group of stems that are classified as 1 tree over the coming months.

There are a few more actions recommended, such as crown reduction, crown clearing, removal of ivy and further inspections.

No action is required to 40 trees.

Tree Report

15 May 2022
Last Updated
17 May 2022