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The Working Groups

Four Working Groups were established to consider key aspects of the joint Neighbourhood Plan. A fifth Group looked after the engagement of residents with the project.

Environment, Green Belt and the local landscape

We want to protect and enhance our natural, built and historic environment within the Green Belt, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Local Conservation Areas.  At the same time we want to live in a vibrant community, which provides for and supports people of all ages.  

Among other things, the Group will need to consider:

  • Continued protection for the Green Belt, preserving the rural character of the community
  • How the Tyning can be a ‘village green’ – open to all
  • Supporting local agriculture and the preservation of trees, woods, the open countryside and the farming and wildlife it supports
  • Considering approval for limited development that the community supports, while protecting our environment
  • Using natural resources with care, minimising waste and pollution, and encouraging the use of renewable energy.

All Residents of Freshford and Limpley Stoke are encouraged to participate. The Environment Group is working on your behalf.  If you have any concerns or ideas relating to the Environment, Green Belt and Local Landscape that you would like to express, we would be glad to hear from you.  Simply email the Chair Tom Harper.  (Please head your email ‘Environment Issue’ and provide your phone number.  The Group will consider your comments when it discusses the topic concerned.)

Facilities and services

We want to improve health, social and cultural wellbeing for all, and ensure facilities and services are in place to meet local needs.

Among other things, the Group will need to consider:

  • Developing a joint village hub, which will include, if possible, proposals for an improved community hall, together with the pre-school and shop, and the surgery
  • Developing and improving communications infrastructures, including mobile phone networks and broadband
  • Support for small and medium sized businesses
  • Improved provision and space for children and young people – this could include facilities at Brown’s Field.

Please contact Mike at mikenewby7@btinternet.com if you have any suggestions, comments or queries about this working group

Planning and Development

We want to drive and support sustainable development which delivers homes, businesses and infrastructure, helping our community to flourish as it meets present and future demands.
We will need to consider:

  • How we can provide affordable housing, and homes suitable for the elderly
  • Identifying areas where employment opportunities, business and housing development can be supported, but not in a way which jeopardsises Conservation Areas, the Green Belt or our rural surroundings
  • Improving access to open spaces and developing links between important hubs within our communities
  • Maximising the use of buildings, including those currently under-utilised, and providing improved space for community use.

Please contact Hugh at mhdelap@gmail.com if you have any suggestions, comments or queries about this working group.

Transport and Movement

We want to create a safe environment for traffic on roads, pedestrian movements, cyclists, and accessible public transport.
We will need to consider:

  • How pedestrian movement can be improved on the A36 in terms of speed limits and pedestrian crossings
  • Encouraging ‘shared space’ initiatives, including ‘virtual’ pavements
  • Developing footpaths and cycle ways and possible river bridges
  • Encouraging and supporting public transport, and its regular use
  • How to discourage ‘rat runs’
  • Resolving car parking problems across both village areas.

Please contact Bob at bob.broadhead@tiscali.co.uk if you have any suggestions, comments or queries about this working group.

Communications Group

The Group will be helping residents understand what is going on with the Neighbourhood Plan and will be encouraging people to get involved.  More details will follow. Contact Andrew at aorme@btinternet.com

1 July 2012
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28 September 2020
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