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The Tyning Advisory Group (2016)

Following the purchase of The Tyning in March 2014, the Tyning Advisory Group – TAG – was set up to make recommendations to the Parish Council on the future of The Tyning.

Chalkhill Environmental Consultants undertook an ecological appraisal of The Tyning in 2015. This appraisal has significantly helped in considering the future of The Tyning.

TAG generated ideas from residents and carefully investigated them, considering their practicality and any legal constraints that might apply.

After extensive deliberation, TAG was able to publish, in March 2016, a document detailing the ideas that had been considered. A response form was provided to enable residents to comment on the proposals and to state their views. These responses were written up and have been used as a guide for the Parish Council when making decisions about the future of The Tyning. These three key documents are:

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