Exhibition Classes

The exhibition classes are as follows:

VegetablesV1 Beetroot, trimmed, 3 any one variety
V2 Carrots, trimmed, 3 any one variety
V3 Potatoes ,3 any one variety
V4 Onions, 3
V5 Shallots, 6
V6 Courgettes, 3 not exceeding 15cm
V7 Peppers, 3 any shape or colour
V8 Tomatoes, 3 any var. excluding cherry
V9 Tomatoes, 6 on a plate, cherry type
V10 Runner Beans, 5
V11 French beans, 5
V12 Culinary herbs, 5 in a jam jar
V13 Squashes
V14 Any other vegetable
V15 Collection of veg in a basket, min 4
FruitF16 Apples, 3
F17 Berries
F18 Grapes
F19 Mixed fruit in a basket
F20 Any other fruit
RosesR21 Rose, 1 bloom, best perfumed
R22 Rose, cluster type, 3 stems
R23 Rose, 1 specimen bloom
FlowersB24 Sweet peas, 3 stems
B25 Any Dahlia, 3 stems
B26 Perennials,3 stems, any type
B27 Any other annual, 3 stems, any variety
B28 Grasses, 5 stems
B29 Cosmos, 3 stems
B30 Any flowering shrub, 3 stems, 1 variety
B31 Any hydrangea, 3 stems
B32 Berrying shrub, 3 stems
Pot PlantsP33 Any foliage plant in a pot
P34 Pelargonium
P35 Flowering pot plant (not pelargonium)
Flower ArrangingD36 Autumn garden arrangement
D37 A posy
D38 Arrangement in a wine glass
D39 Floating flowers
D40 An arrangement using recycled junk
CookeryC41 Marmalade,1 jar
C42 Jam, any fruit, 1 jar
C43 A fruit jelly, 1 jar
C44 Chutney, 1 jar
C45 Sausage rolls, 3
C46 Fruit cake
C47 Treacle tart
C48 A cake containing vegetable
C49 MEN ONLY A round of shortbread
Painting (ready to hang)W50 Wildlife
W51 Abstract
W52 A flower or flowers
W53 Landscape
HandicraftsH54 Item made by you
H55 Article made from thread or fabric
H56 Handmade card
H57 Table decoration with a candle
H58 Knitted, crochet or woven item
Photography (4″x6″ mounted)S59 Cobwebs
S60 Black and white
S61 Gates
S62 Water
S63 Recycling
S64 Companions
Children’s ClassesZ65 A monster using fruit & vegetables
Z66 Garden on a tin lid
Z67 A face on a paper plate
Z68 A butterfly using leaves and flowers
Z69 Decorated cupcakes x3
30 July 2021
Last Updated
17 June 2022