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Local History Society – AGM And Alan Dodge Memorial Lecture

7:30 pm 25 May 2022
9:30 pm 25 May 2022

The Fishers: Significant Families In Our Neighbourhood From The 17th To The Early 19th Century

John Macdonald

In 2000, Arnold Lewis and Neil Mattingly produced a history of Limpley Stoke, titled, ‘Limpley Stoke: Its Church and Its People’. They dedicated a page to the Fisher family, with illustrations of houses and memorials, related to them.

The Fishers were a family of Somerset yeoman farmers, owning freehold farms in the Chew Valley and Copyhold farms in Newton St Loe. Henry Fisher came to Limpley Stoke and married Anne Dicke in 1712. The Dicke family owned most of Limpley Stoke. Anne’s father, George Dicke, owned Stoke Estate, and her uncle, John Dicke, owned neighbouring Waterhouse.

During these last months our Chairman, John MacDonald, has been doing research into the Fishers, one of Freshford’s local families and will tell us something of what happened to them from the 17th to the early 19th Centuries.

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16 March 2022
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22 March 2022
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