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Freshford’s Village Agent

The Village Agents scheme helps to connect people in rural areas to advice and support services to promote living independently at home. Support is available to residents for a wide range of issues, from those struggling with loneliness or financial worries, people needing care to stay well and safe at home, people returning home from hospital needing short or longer term support, or people who need practical help in the home and don’t know who to trust. Village Agents work with a network of public, private and charitable organisations to find the best solution.

Support is there for any adult who is struggling personally, emotionally, medically or financially and who needs help to find solutions. The Village Agent provides a confidential and free “triage service” listening to the resident and then signposting and introducing them to the organisations who could help or to the information they need.

Chantal Young, is Freshford’s Village Agent and she’s happy to meet with anyone or answer any questions residents might have. Working flexibly, 10 hours a week, Chantal can be contacted at WERN: 01275 333700 or via email info@wern.org.uk

The Village Agent scheme for Freshford is run by the West of England Rural Network (WERN). WERN is a charity working in partnership with B&NES Council with a focus of connecting people in rural areas to advice and support services. The service has been operating in the west of the B&NES region for 10 years and now offers the service in this area. Support for health and wellbeing is offered to rural communities who can often feel cut off from a range of public services which residents living in urban areas access more easily.

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21 December 2022
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4 January 2023